Celebrating Harlow and The River Stort

The following video taken from a day barge one September afternoon by Your Harlow Films showcases the river in all it’s glory just as Autumn is about to arrive.

1 Day as a Tourist in Harlow, Essex, England | UK Travel Vlog

We recently had a vlogger come to town! Have a watch.

The Green Heart of Harlow Where the Stort River Flows

A Lovely song by Harlow Resident

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The Machine

by Brian Field The machine is coming! We will feel the love when we meet with candles in hand but the bulldozers are coming to bury our feelings and soon our cries will go silent. Our hearts and the beauty have little value to the economic rewards from the development. This machine has rode overContinue reading “The Machine”

Harlow’s Rich Past

by Neil Warner-Baker The proposed route for The Stort Crossing is steeped in archeology and history. Here follows a brief snap shot. The Stort Valley was formed during the Glacial Maximum and The Stort is where the Ice Age stopped. Like a tide, huge deposits of clay silt, chalk and other aggregates were deposited onContinue reading “Harlow’s Rich Past”

The Harlow Temple, a nice surprise!

Originally posted on The Heritage Journal:
‘They’ say that our past is all around us, if only we know where to look. Well, out on a Bank Holiday drive earlier this week, I wasn’t looking but stumbled over it anyway. I knew that there were Roman remains in Harlow, Essex but Roman is not really…


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