By Nicholas Cox

About Me

Green Party Parish Councillor for Stanstead St Margarets and Prospective County Council Candidate for Ware North. Nicholas Cox has lived in Stanstead St. Margarets for thirty years and sits on the Parish Council. Nick was involved in the Hoddesdon incinerator campaign from its inception. He’s a long-standing member of Greenpeace and a life member of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

This was the Wilderness Woodlands in the St Margaret’s conservation area, with a nettle glade at its centre where the owl used to hoot, and the badger and the fox used to roam. This is what it looks like now, after East Herts District Council (EHDC) gave planning permission for development. This is what they want to do to our land north and east of Ware, and north of Harlow, including Eastwick, Gilston, Pye Corner, the remaining green belt in the Stort Valley and Latton Island. They want to dig a massive gravel pit destroying the remaining green space between Stanstead Abbotts and the dystopianly named Village 7. EHDC has released over 6% of our green belt, the largest release of green belt land in England, making it the most ecocidal council in the country. The council consists of around 330 people, but we number over 144 thousand residents. We have the numbers and we have just cause, are we really going to just sit back and let them destroy our land? It is time for the disparate protest groups in our district to unite and take on the council.


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