Leave Our River Alone

By Kim O’Connor

About Me

Kim is a lifelong resident of Harlow. Her father helped to build the town. She is passionate about preserving the heritage and community feeling of the town. She is a talented sculptor.

On 27th November I attended the Consultation by Places for People at Our Lady Fatima church hall.

They told me they were not there to talk about river, but talk about it I did. This is what I said.

“How can you not talk about it when all your housing estates are going to be connected to it?” “you need to talk honestly to the people of Harlow and stop painting this picture of what you all think we need, i.e, villages. They’re not real villages. The development will swamping the real villages. The new houses are unaffordable to most”. One of the consultant staff agreed. They said they’d look into that. I said “The river is very important to an awful lot of people, it’s the only peaceful place we have” . I also asked “Why are you building another walk through bridge? ” They said it was because it connects to new housing estates. I responded by asking “Why do you feel the need to connect us all up? We want people to not use cars, to walk and cycle. I’m a life long cyclists I wouldn’t cycle round all this pollution, because people in reality will not give cars up, not in my life time. As for all the talk about electric cars, the prices are far too high. The batteries are not environmental friendly” They had nothing to say to this. I asked if they’d actually talked to the people of Harlow? Again, nothing to say to this.

We spoke at length about the 4 lane road, across our river, about the pollution. Apparently this road sucks all the pollution away from river. “How’s that work?” I said with a chuckle. I’d got brain freeze at the end of it all. I felt that some of them did take in to account of how I felt, but most just wanted to big it all up. As for the form at the end, didn’t take my close ups glasses so just wrote, SAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL STORT ALL OVER IT.

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